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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Brigid Mary Katy O'Brien

Brigid Mary Katy O'Brien
Friday 29th July 2011
Delivered by Caesarean Section at 34 weeks
London, England

Precious Daughter

You fought, with such grace, to be born - against all of the odds; you were here for such a short time, but you brought so much love and peace; you changed our lives for the better and forever; we will always be grateful that we were chosen to be your family; you knew we needed to meet you – we knew we had to let you go…

We love you…

We miss you…

We are so proud to call you ours…

x x x

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Mary Fast said...

Absolutely beautiful, a breathtaking image to honor a very special girl.
She is forever in our hearts and always in our thoughts!
I'm so proud to be your Aunty, hope you know how much we love you, sweet baby Brigid.
x x x