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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kalyn Hagan

Kalyn Hagan
October 11, 1988 - July 30, 1990

There was an Angel among us
For just a short while
God was so gracious to lend us this child.

Not a word did she speak
Yet her testimony was clear
The Lord has a purpose for sending her here.

She taught us to love
In a special way
Unconditional - day by day.

That we're woven in the womb
By the Masters' own hand
Following a perfect and flawless plan.

If we could peep into heaven
I'm sure that we could see
Kalyn - sitting upon our Saviour's knee.

Laughing, talking, singing a song
Playing in the sunshine
All day long.

And if I could send a message
This is what it would be
Skip around the throne, darling
Just one more time for me.

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