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Friday, December 16, 2011

Lukas Sean Antonsen

Lukas Sean Antonsen
Born into heaven on Nov.15th 2011 Link

We miss you so much sweet baby Lukas.
Love Mama, Dada, Dylan and Jacob

I Loved You From The Beginning

I loved you from the beginning
When you were nameless and small
When I didn't even realize you were there

I loved you from the beginning
When I learned of you
Deep within me safe and sound

I loved you from the beginning
When we named you
an you were no longer small

I loved you from the beginning
When I first saw you
When I first felt you

I loved you from the beginning
and you became my world
my life, my child

I loved you from the beginning
When I met you and said goodbye
And I have loved you past the end.

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Wendy McDonald said...

Baby Lukas,
Nana loves you with all my heart my little Loop! From the moon and back. I miss you everyday, I miss your sweet little Face, your sweet smell, You will always be right here with us.
Love you forever, Nana! xxooxx

Uncle Jimmy said...

Dear Baby Lukas, I will never forget you, you did so much to draw our close family even closer together, you were a great addition to our family. You are so special and I am so proud of you, I think about you every day !!
Lots of Love,
Uncle Jimmy

Anonymous said...

Dearest Lukas,

You've moved us upward and we will always remember you.

Love Auntie Janice, Uncle Dalton and all your cousins & second cousins from you McDonald/Burt clan.


Great Aunt Janet said...

Dearest little Lukas,

We have had you in our lives in a very speacial way, we watch you grow in your Mommy, memories that we will cherised forever, you have left us with so much,dearest Lukas.

Till we all meet again

Love your Great Aunt Janet