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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Charlie Morley-Kavanagh

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Mammy & Daddy said...

We only held you for a while
And never got to see you smile

You never got to laugh or crawl
Nor run about or kick a ball

How we wish you could have stayed
And didn't have to leave that day

You touched our lives like no other
Daddy & I will look after each other

You fought so very hard to stay
How our hearts broke on your last day

We held you close and hugged you tight
But in the end we said goodnight.

Mammy and Daddy said...

I wonder will I ever be
The person who I was before

Before you grew in my tummy
And I became an Angel's mummy

The little boy we love so much
What we'd give to feel your touch

We miss you every single day
Will always wish you got to stay.