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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Luke Kamal Bebawy

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Anonymous said...

Dear Karly Marie:
Thank you so much for the beautiful work that you do! I miss my Luke so very much, especially now as his one year birthday is this Wednesday (06/01/2010). I don't know why we all have been picked to suffer in this way, but I still have hope in God. Sometimes my faith has been very shaky this year, but I am working on this. Seeing your photo brings such a smile to my face. To have a complete stranger on the other side if this world validate my child's existence in this way is so very important and aids in a step towards healing. I know I will never be completely healed, but I will continue the journey toward some sort of inner peace. God bless you and your work!
To my dear friend, Cynthia, thank you for doing this for me!
You have been a rock for me during this year and I love our friendship that has developed.
Love to you both,
Julie Bebawy
Luke's mom
Prattville, Alabama, USA