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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Journey Peace Sauerbrey

Journey Peace Sauerbrey
Born Into Heaven's Arms
May 2011

Minnesota, USA

"Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you"
Jeremiah 5:1

Our Dear Little One~
Your life may have been brief, but you started us on quite a Journey.
And we know that your Journey took you right from the the love and
warmth of my womb to the love and warmth of Jesus arms.
From that first picture, that first beautiful heartbeat
We longed to meet and cuddle you, and our hearts will always love you.
I pray that all we do on this long Journey will honor your memory.
I can't imagine never holding you this side of heaven,
But i will try to carry on until we meet again.

Tiniest Angel

I never got to know you before you went away,
because God took you home to heaven where we will meet another day.
God says you're his tiniest angel and you needed to come home.
For reasons that we do not know, you went where angels roam.
Please know how much I miss you and though I may not understand.
I will trust a God who's faithful and live the life that he's planned.
He says you'll be whole now so there's no need for me to cry.
Then he reminds me of his own son who on the cross for me had died.
I know one day I'll meet you, but for now I'll just stand still
and not question our Father's reason because I know that it is his will.
If I look when night is darkest at the stars that twinkle bright,
I will see God's tiniest angel and the wings reflecting light.
Until me meet again my sweet little angel......

~ written by Sue Lureck Carlson~

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