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Friday, October 21, 2011

Alfie Joe Pattinson

Alfie Joe Pattinson
Born Sleeping 29th April 2011

Mummy's heart is broken and daddy's is too.
We just cant accept we have to live our lives without you.
How can this world be so cruel as to take you away,
When you should be here with us living everyday.
Holding you in our arms we didn't want it to end.
Being with you was the only way for our hearts to mend.
What we would give just to see, smell and hold you again,
But everything is overcome with this sadness and pain.
When we look at you our hearts are filled with pride
Just as much so as when i carried you inside.
You are with the angels now and resting in the sky,
We know you're somewhere up above watching the stars go by.
This is not goodbye as we will meet again,
And then that day will come an end to all this pain.
For there will always be love for you in our heart,
But there will always be sadness as long as we are apart.
So sleep tight our beautiful special little boy, were not gone yet.
Mummy and daddy love you so much and don't you ever forget ♥

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