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Monday, October 24, 2011


October 31, 2009

Hey Chickadee, chickadee-dee-dee...

you alighted in me for such a short time ... such a wee spark,
slightly scrabbling hooks in my womb like the sharply featherlight clutch
of tiny chickadee feet on my fingers
alighting and flighting at once and again, till one stood
and fixed me with his tinybright eyes ...

and I knew...

just nine days, though.

I wore the fact of you on my face in a smile
that wouldn't fade and a hope
that burned in my lungs
as I struggled to breathe the thin, sparse air on that towering peak of utter joy ...

for nine lovely days.

The bleeding was so slight, the pain harsh but swift...

You flew as quickly as you came, and the leaving left the phantom press of delicate feet in my heart.

Fly, my baby girl. Nothing but love ever existed for you.

Author - Shari Worden

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