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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Johnny Crane

Johnny Crane
Born 9/27/08, Died 8/27/11

Our little Monkey-Man (from Tee)

Your smile was pure sunshine. When you smiled we swore we’d never frown again. Those who knew you were blessed to have seen your incredible spirit, heard your heart-warming voice and feel your precious Eskimo kisses. You taught us more about love in the three years you were with us than we had ever known before. Not a day goes by that you don’t cross out minds multiple times. You were smart beyond your years. You made a point of wowing every nurse that came into your room with your knowledge of letters and numbers. You were the epitome of the perfect child. When we looked at you we would get a warm feeling from the tops of our heads to the bottoms of our toes. You were the brightest spot in our lives. Every person who ever saw you immediately remarked on your beautiful blue eyes. Those eyes were so strikingly blue and clear. Even in the hardest time of your life your eyes still maintained their sparkle. You were quite the charmer, not a single person met you who didn’t immediately fall in love with you. You captivated us. You had an amazing capacity to love, and you loved your Mommy most of all. She is the world’s best Mother, no question of that. Her strength, love and patience created awe in those around her. She taught us how to be the ideal mother. When we lost you we all lost a part of ourselves. Your presence filled our lives with something we didn’t even know we were missing until you brought it to us. Many of us didn’t realize we could love someone as much as we love you. Days go by and we wonder how we will move forward with our lives. It seems so strange that the world still continues to turn even though you’re gone because for us, it’s stopped turning. But you smile and whisper in our ears that you are never gone. You are the sunrise everyday that greets us with a smile. It doesn’t make sense, and it never will. Looking for answers will leave us empty. “Why” can never be answered. All we can do is continue to love you as we have always, and will always, love you. Time will help heal a small portion of the void but you will never be forgotten. You will live forever with us. You’ll be part of the days we’ve yet to see. We love you. We will always love you, every minute of every day.

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