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Friday, October 28, 2011

Mila & Gianna Ballarino

Mila & Gianna Ballarino
Identical twins born still at 21 weeks on September 16, 2011
San Diego, CA , United States

Pray for mommy, little angels, she's having trouble saying goodbye. Daddy, and brother Dante love you, miss you, and send you many hugs and kisses. You give us all two reasons to be good so that we can join you in heaven.

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Tilly said...

Mila and Gianna- We are heartbroken that we never got to meet you. Your parents are so amazing and wonderful. Your brother is such a joy and would have taken such great care of you. You are so lucky to have the three of them as your family. We love you both. Take care of one another and we'll see you both one day soon.

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