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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Jasper Michael Franklin Rout


Jasper Michael Franklin Rout 
Born April 3, 2012
Passed away April 15, 2012  


Parent's Prayer
May the Source of Creation be magnified,
and my pain grow less and less;
May the will of the Holy One work through me
day by day, hour by hour
So that this raw grief wears thin

And though despiar has me in its grip,
may I know that
the beauty of the world remains
even through tears.
May I find my way to a place of peace
over this lost child, and my this be my promise.
""I will not forget you, my little one, my son,
though our time together was so short.""
And I ask that the One who makes peace in the high places
as well as the hidden places within me
make peace for you, little one,
and give you comfort and angelic shelter.
This blessing I ask
for myself
and the one whose life was cut so short.


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