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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kyle Richard Widarski

     Kyle Richard Widarski    
   Born Feb 27th 1987 Passed away Feb 27th 1987  

Ontario, Canada  
To my little angel in the sky
 Many years ago mummy had to kiss you goodbye
 I didn't want to let you go
 But you made me a better person I want you to know
 Because of you there is nothing I'm afraid to do
 So my beautiful baby
 Every sunset will always be for you
Forever loved and never forgotten...

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Anonymous said...

What you wrote for your baby Kyle is beautiful. I hope I can see the positive like you do as I lost my baby girl Halle only 8 weeks ago. Take Care

Galtlady said...

To Baby Halle's mom, I'm so sorry for your loss of your precious litte girl. It has now been almost a year, and I know that she is always on your mind. This will change in time, but do not worry, you will never forget her. She will change your life, let it be for the best....she would want it that way! Take good care, and God bless.