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Thursday, January 22, 2009


On January 26th 2007 a little boy entered this world perfectly sound asleep. His name was Christian Dudley. He had his sister's nose, his Mama's cheeks and his Dad's shoulders. He never opened his eyes, he never made a sound and he never took a breath of air from this Earth. Instead he fell asleep in his Mama's womb and woke up in the arms of Angels.

Never did Carly and Sam imagine that their tiny son would make such a large and most beautiful impact on the world.

"To Write Their Names In The Sand" is Christian's Legacy. Sam and Carly thank God for giving them Christian's precious life, even if it was only for the shortest time.

If you would like to read Christian's story please click here.

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Anonymous said...

I think this site is beautiful. I read your story in That's Life and visited the site rigth away, as I have family & friends that have lost babies... Thankyou for having this awesome idea and sharing your experience.

Sincerely, Charmaine Atkins
Thornton, NSW

Anonymous said...

I also read your story, having experienced the loss of my Nephew in 2001 I "Thank You" for making the lives that these Little Angels have touched a little brighter, if only we could all be as brave and caring as you. Keep up the amazing work you do.


Charmaine Kelly
Penrith, NSW

Anonymous said...

I have just finished reading your TL story and exploring your beautiful site.I'm crying for the loss of these beautiful children but am also thankful that there are people out there like you who take the time to show love, care and empathy to strangers.
You're a beautiful person, thank you.

Anonymous said...

You are a living angel... I read your story in thats life and was touched right away... Amazingly you can make something that is an experience no one would ever wish for, something beautiful... Words can not express how amazing you are!

Anonymous said...

i have just finished reading your story in thats life! im not an emotional person but seeing this website after reading your story has drawn a tear to my eye thats been waiting to come out, i am so very sorry about the loss you have endured, but thanks to your bravery, passion and the love for your son, alot of other parents everywhere have another place where not only them, but the rest of the world can remember that their precious little angels will never be forgotten. I, myself do not have children yet, but my heart sincerely goes out to you carly and sam, and to all other parents out there who only had their angels lent to earth for a short time, this is an amazing site and the photography is perfect. stay strong all you mums and dads out there,your strength has made every single one of you are my heroes!! xoxo

yours sincerely

Anonymous said...

god bless

kylie scott said...

hi i also read ur story in thats life and it bort tears to my eyes
I also lost a child on 27th of November 2008 i read they story bout ur son and it is very similer to my own..i went 4 my scan at 22weeks and they seen that the fluid my lil girl was in hads been leaking out and i didnt even no my doctor rang me with bad news thinking she was not gona make it well he was right..that monday i had a scan agen and her lil heart had stoped beating i then went to hospitl to have a scan agen to double check i had hope and so did all my family but no she was gone my heart is broken...they put me in2 labour 2days later i had contractions every 2mins 4 7hours they would not give me drugs so i screamed the hospital down! the midwifes jus took her away from me with out me letting her hold her or give her a kiss ido have pictures tho..then the placenter did not come away so 3hours later i was in the op room having an op to get it still not over it and i didnt realise there were sso many people out thea in the same shoes as me!

RIP my baby girl Pagan Summer Scott born 23weeks :( sleeping forever our presious rosebud i love you baby girl with all my heart your now with ur great grandad i no he is looking after you girl.

we had her buried with my grandad the funeral home were so lovely a week after her funeral i got her name date of birth and a rose bud tattooed on my wrist shes my angel i miss her so much i feel like im going crazy i wish i could feel her kick again im still a real mess..

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Carly for writing Evan's name in the sand of your beautiful beach. Just the other day I had a breakdown because the only place I will ever see his name written was on his death certificate. Now I have this beautiful picture with his name on it. You will never know how much what you do means to us all.

In Christian and Evan's honor,
with love,
Renee in Texas USA

kylie scott said...

thank u so much 4 wrighting pagans name in the sand...

An empty space where life once stirred
My eyes were not yet seeing
Where once my heartbeat shared a tone
With a small and fragile being

So scarcely formed yet still a life
A dream, a hope, a promise
Our plans were changed to now include
This new thrust upon us

Then as quickly as it came
Our dreams were gone away
The deepest pain ive ever felt
Our baby died today

With footprints left upon our hearts
She gently took her leave
We are left with nothing but regret
And only time to grieve

There was no service to be held
No mourning time required
No songs of longing and despair
No words to be inspired

We are simply told to bare the pain
"Its natures way" they say
I cant forget our baby moved
Inside me yesterday

And with each word of sorrow
My teardrops fall like rain
The anger and resentment
Are mixed with guilt and pain

I took to heaven for a sign
To help search out a course
Where love can teach acceptance
And eliminate remorse

My body will accept the truth
That now our babys gone
But in our hearts our angel
Everlastingly lives on!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have just finished reading TL and looked your website up straight away. It is the most beautiful site that honours the memory of these little angles, a dear friend of mine lost her beautiful baby girl nearly a year ago now and I think this idea is fantastic, you are a truly inspiring woman and your son will be watching you with so much pride - you are obviously helping so many people heal. Thank you!

Chrissie and Paul said...

Dear Carly - I wonder when you had your dream if you realised that you would be touching people from all over the world?

Here in England, we've just seen your beautiful tribute to our 18 Angels. Our cousin was visiting my aunt in Australia at the time your fantastic site was in the news, and just emailed me the link.

Our miscarriages meant that we had no funerals, nothing to prove that our babies were ever here other than our heartbreak and our memories. Now, thanks to you, to Christian, and your dream, we have a permanent memorial to those little souls. We cannot thank you enough...

With all our love, Chrissie and Paul xxx

Bevin said...

Hi Carly, Sam and family. I just found your website today, and I wanted to tell you that I was moved and touched to tears. My little girl Cheyenne passed away in May of last year after a 29 day fight with severe brain damage and an intestinal infection. I would like to help you in any way I can with this amazing project! I live on the beautiful shores in Northern Michigan, U.S., please let me know if I can help you extend this project to the United States, I would love to lighten your load as far as e-mails, and help take pictures! It would be an honor!
Thanks so much! -Bevin, Traverse City, Michigan
By the way, if you search for Traverse City on the web, you can check out the beautiful area that I call home! I also have a blog for my photography here, and my daughters story is there also:

christian magazine said...

there are things that you need to let go and things that you need to keep... knowing which is which is the problem...

Cobie Rice said...

What you do is amazing. And i am sorry for your loss, but now what you do helps many people deal with the loss of their child. I know how hard it can be. My daughter Alexis McKayla passed away on 18th August 2004, 10 minutes after she was born. The grief that is felt is so hard to deal with. What u are doing is very inspiring.. :)