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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Katie Fitch

Katie Fitch
February 15th, 2005 - February 15th 2009

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Kristin said...

Thank you SO MUCH for posting our Katie's name, I know you get soo many requests.. this means so much to our family. She never got to see the beach..I bet she loves it in heaven~
Thanks so Much-
Kristin (Katie's Mink)

Snotty Peed said...

Wow! I am blown away this morning -while looking for Katie's name, I see "Scotty," written directly above her name. Scotty is my name.

I take that as a sign from Heaven that my beloved little friend Katiebug is very happy in Heaven, with God, The Father and The Holy Spirit and that she is letting me know she is ok. By letting me know, she is letting her family know, although I am sure she is speaking to them directly!

That beautiful child did so many wonderful things here on Earth in her worldly body, I can just imagine the task she is accomplishing in her new spiritial body, that is free of stinky cancer and can never be broken down!

I Love You Katiebug!


Candi said...

Katie's family,
Please know so many people are praying for you right now! May God give you the strength to continue on this journey.
God Bless!

Gail said...

Katie's family,
I am touched by your daughter's life - I cannot imagine the anguish, losing your little one on her 4th birthday - am I reading that right? I will pray for you. My son Scotty is Katie's neighbor above. Maybe they are also neighbors in heaven.
Scotty's mom Gail, in St. Louis

Mary-Ellen said...

This is an awesome web sight and it gave me chills as well. It is amazing to me how one little girl could touch so many different people. She was an angel here on earth and now in heaven with God. I want to thank Scotty for introduing Katies story to me Mink looking forward to meeting you one day and to hear all your wonderful stories. God Bless you all

Margaret said...

I saw a bunch of names who I didn't know, and then I saw "katie" and thought, "oh like katie fitch" and it was! I am listening to "precious child" ad just got over from her site.