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Friday, February 27, 2009

Looking for more support in Blog land?

If you are a bereaved Mama with a blog looking for more support please visit here and take part in "Under The Tree"

With Love,

Carly x

4 Send Your Love Here: said...

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Carrie said...

I've just found your beautiful site, Carly. I am so sorry for the terrible losses so many of these parents and you have suffered. I am so glad there is a seashore that bears these angel's names.

Kris said...

Like Carrie, I just stumbled across your site. Bless you for your work helping people heal. Bless the people who need the help too.
It is so great to find a site that shows the caring that still goes on in the world.

henny said...

I agree whole heartedly with Kris may you all find happeness through this site I think it is wonderful I have luckly not lost a child but feel for you all I think this site is beautiful.