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Thursday, February 19, 2009


Born at 4:55am and passed away after a beautiful hour of life.
Akron, Ohio

To our love

My tiny baby Zoe, my precious tree of life
Your skin so fair and fragile, your eyes still blocked from light
My kisses touch your forehead; your kisses warm my heart
Now that I have met you, I wish were we’d never part
Your fingers long and delicate
Your smell so very sweet
Your tiny little movements, met so much to me
We held you in our arms while you slipped away
But I know your soul is with us, I feel you still today
My precious little Zoe, my daughter, our first born
You will never be forgotten
Your memory will keep me warm


Mommy and Daddy

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Kate said...

Carly! Thank you so much for this beautiful gift and extending your kindness and love to honor our baby.

Jim and April said...

that poem was beautiful and so is the picture!