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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Logan Ryan and Brody McRae

Logan Ryan

Brody McRae

Our twin boys
Logan Ryan & Brody McRae

were born on January 31st 2009
and passed away peacefully the same day.

We are all from Lansing, Michigan USA.

I write this to you,
my angels
on a day when the sky is blue.
I wish I could hold you in my arms but sadly something went wrong.
I carried you inside me for 22 precious weeks.
but I now carry you in my heart since you fell asleep.
You awakened a love inside me so powerful
and so strong
and that love will always remain for you my darling boys.
I will never forget you my angels

and I miss you everyday

and I pray that God will keep you safe until we reunite one day.

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Courtney and Jason said...

Thank you so much from this. Seriously my entire family was so overjoyed to see the boys in Australia.

Dustin, Tiffany & Ethan said...

Thank you for your generosity to so many families - including my friends Jason & Courtney! It was so wonderful to see this. Your entire family is a blessing from God! Once again, thank you!