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Friday, February 20, 2009

Oliver Mattison McClinton

Oliver Mattison McClinton

Born into heaven December 20, 2008

St Louis, Missouri

“Those we hold in our arms for little while, we hold in our hearts forever” We love you and miss you everyday, Mommy and Daddy

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Gail said...

Sending you and Oliver lots of love - Gail

Carrie Bryant said...

God's littlest blessing! Oliver, we will never forget you!

Love and prayers,
Carrie, Marcus, Christian & Isaac

Mommy said...

Loving and missing you today and always.

Love, Mommy

Daddy said...

I'm sorry it's taken this long to write you...
I'm missing you and thinking about you always and everyday.

I love you Baby Boy!

Mommy said...

As we prepare to meet your little brother I find myself thinking of you and missing you more each day. I know you are watching over us and are so much a part of all that we do as a family. I love and miss you and can only imagine what it will be like to see your smiling face and hold you in my arms again in heaven.

Mommy said...

Dear, sweet I am thinking of you and feeling so fortunate to be a mommy of three precious boys. Though my heart hurts to think of all the things we aren't able to share with you right now I have such peace knowing that you are loved in heaven and on Earth by so many. I miss you, love you and can only imagine what it will be like to hold you in my arms again some day.

Mommy said...

Missing you ...wonder what wonders of heaven you are exploring today? Thankful for all the reminders you send my way that help me slow down and take in the wonders all around me.