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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Michael David

Michael David
Born into heaven on 14th June 2007

Not with us for much time
Not with us very long
Not with us for long enough
It all just seems so wrong

Such a tiny little boy
Such tiny little feet
Such perfect little hands
So tiny and so sweet

Laid out ever so gracefully
Looking so tiny and so calm
Lying there so peacefully
Laying in my arm

We wanted so much for you
But it just wasn't to be
Someone had other plans for you
Plans we didn't see

The love we felt was so stong
From your Dad and me
We wanted to give you everything
The world for you to see

You are our beloved angel
and your always in our heart
Time may help to heal us now
But we'll never be apart

The tears may stop flowing
For the child we never knew
But the memory of our angel
Will last our whole lives through.

We love you little Michael
And think of you every day
We'll see you one day in heaven
And then together we will stay.

Darling Michael,
We love and miss you. One day we'll be able to hold you, and I cherish the thought.
Love Always and Forever, your Mummy, Daddy, big Sister Kezia, big brother Kayden, and little brother Lucas

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