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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Benjamin Samuel Kreinbrink

Benjamin Samuel Kreinbrink
Born into Heaven on his due date, December 27, 2008
Denver, Colorado, USA

“Welcome Home, Little Dove”
for baby Benjamin, from mommy.

We hold you quietly, softly
we cradle you near
the warm breeze calls to you
you can no longer stay here

gently opening our hands
we let our little dove take flight
blissfully you fly to the heavens
carried out of our sight

as or longing eyes search the sky
we know you aren’t gone
you only went back home, little dove,
…our sweet little baby son.

Welcome home, sweet Benjamin. We can’t wait to see you again in Heaven.

With love everlasting,
Mommy and Daddy
big brother Leo and big sisters Katie and Meagan

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Brianna Campbell said...

Oh sweet baby boy Benjamin,

If I could have only met you for a second I could then really see the love that you have for your family that they passed on to you. Your mother is a wonderful person and misses you dearly. I visist you often since you arent far from my angel Layla. I hope that you two are taking care of eachother in heaven. Look over your mama, daddy, and sisters and brother. They all love you so so much!

Until we meet in heaven sweet one,
Layla's Mama

Anonymous said...

Sweet Benjamin,

Whenever I feel the warm sun on my face I feel as though you are touching my cheek with your soft little hand. I asked for a photo of your name be taken in the daylight because sunshine reminds me of you, little sweetie. Have fun playing in heaven and Mommy will be there later to hold you and rock you to sleep. In the mean time, be nice to Mary. I understand she is a great babysitter!

I miss you so much,


Anonymous said...

Dear Baby Benjamin,
I was really looking forward to meeting you! Now I have to wait a bit longer, and it's terribly hard. I want you to know that, even with such a brief time here, you are a blessing to so many people! Already, because you were born, many other families will know their sweet little angels are not forgotten, and it will bring them comfort. I'm truly looking forward to seeing what else your birthday inspires :-) But in the mean time, I'll continue to miss you, little Benji, until I finally get to meet you, face to face!
All my love,
Auntie Lisa

Anonymous said...

Just stopping by, Benjamin. Thinking of you. Love, Uncle Jim

Anonymous said...

Sweet Benjamin,

You sent mommy the most beautiful rainbow at night and I will never forget it! You know just how to make mommy feel better, don't you?

You are a rainbow
Bringing light, joy and hope only briefly, yet living on in memory.

A rainbow is a promise
Bringing hope for a better future
...reminding us to enjoy the moment before it is gone.

A promise is a kiss
From you to me
...the hope that carries through the darkness.

I love you soooooo much!


Anonymous said...

Hi sweetie,

Just wanted to thank you for everything! You are an amazing little person. So much love in such a small package.

I love you so much,

Always and forever your

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie,

I hope you are taking good care of your little sister. We miss both of you so much and look so forward to the day when we can hold you both in our arms and shower you will all of the love that we are holding for you.

Have fun playing with Layla, Maya, Shyanne, Piper, Bailey, Paige, Luke, Margaret, Carmen, Makayla, Cassidy, Elanor, Bonnie, Andrew, Matthew, Sara, Abbi, Bethany, Murray, ... and the list goes on and on. I look forward to the day that you can introduce me to all of your wonderful angel friends. Until then, be good for Carissa and Kayla - they have big, loving hearts and will take good care of you.

Peace. Keep Hope Alive.

Love, Always and Forever for All Eternity,

Anonymous said...

Two years have passe and I still love you like crazy.

Love, Always and Forever for All Eternity,