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Monday, April 27, 2009

Isaac Jeremiah and Hannah Joy Jensen

Isaac Jeremiah Jensen
Born into the Hands of God
February 26, 2008

Hannah Joy Jensen
Born into Eternity
September 16, 2008

My message to be shared for the both of them is;

For a short time I held you in my womb,
Safe & warm in your little cocoon.
In the secret place God knit you fingers & toes
What did you look like? I wanted to know.
Curly brown hair, Dark big eyes
Sweet little hands to hold in mine.
With anticipation my belly grew,
Everyday waiting to meet wonderful you.
But then JESUS came & said,
"Come on, let's play & look at the wonderful things I have to show you along the way"
"See that rainbow, look at that bird, he sings a song they've never heard on Earth"
My Sweet Babe, you left much too soon.
I'd like to ask Jesus to let me hold you,
Safe & warm in your little cocoon...
But He's taken you to Heaven High
For Laughter & Joy
Spread your wings...and fly~

We love you our sweet butterflies,
Daddy, Mommy, Angie, Lana, & Naomi
Revelation 21:4

3 Send Your Love Here:

Tina J. (mommy) said...

Sittin here cryin, Oh God, Thank you so much...

Anonymous said...

Tina, Their names turned out beautifully. They are forever etched in the sands of time and in your heart.

Your fellow NILMDTS mommy
Jenni (Abigailsmommy)

Brianna Campbell said...

Tina they are gorgeous just like your sweet butterflies! I know how much you miss them because I am too in your same journey! I am so sorry! *hugs*

Isaac and Hannah,

I wish I had the chance to meet you while you were here on earth. I hope that you guys are watching over your sweet family, they miss you dearly. Please give my Layla bug a kiss for me. Until I meet you in heaven sweet pea's...

Layla's Mama