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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nico Christopher McCormick

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Brandon said...

Nico, We love you to the moon, stars and sand!!! You will be forever our baby boy!

Bud said...

Nico Christopher McCormick. You were one of a kind, just an all around amazing guy. Thank you for everything. I still have those headphones you gave me(: Rest in Paradise<3 Love you bro. Cody

Anonymous said...

Nico, I didnt know you well but we sorta grew up together. You were an amazing guy to everyone that knew you. Im sure your making God laugh as we speak, Have a good time up there, cant wait to see you.

Teralyn M. said...

Nico i knew you since i was little you have always been a great person and i bet your having a great time you are in my thoughts and i love you dude!<3 your amazing! ill see you soon!:)