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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ava Rose Graham

Ava Rose Graham
Born June 14th 2011
Passed away June 18th 2011
Western Australia

Our Beautiful Ava Rose

On the 14th of June
Just before Noon
A beautiful baby girl was born
You stayed for a while
You gave a little smile
Your name was Ava Rose
With your cute little button nose
Our beautiful Ava Rose

You were perfect in every way
But in our heart's we knew you could not stay
Your golden hair, your big blue eyes
Your little hands and to our surprise
You were so strong Ava Rose
Our beautiful Ava Rose

So much joy and memories
We all were falling to our knees
For we all knew, that we were losing you.
You took another breath
But you hadn't left
Our beautiful Ava Rose

On the 18th of June
The air was filled with gloom
As you struggled to stay with us
With your eyes open wide
We all knew deep inside
That you were very tired
Our beautiful Ava Rose

With the air filled with love
You looked up above
We knew it was your time to leave
As your spirit rose high
And you gave your last sigh
The room began filling with tears
Our beautiful Ava Rose

You were so small
You gave it all
You fought right till the end
Cherished memories you leave behind
To stay a little longer you were so kind
Our beautiful Ava Rose

We thank you Ava Rose for the 4 precious days
of your little life. You touched so many people
and you broke so many hearts
You will remain in our hearts forever
We love you Ava Rose
Today and Always

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