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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hanna Marri

Hanna Marri
Our beautiful angel baby Hanna Marri Stillborn on Sept 9, 2008

Dear God, Please hold my baby girl in ur ever-lovin embrace. Please let her know my love can't be erased. Please bless me on this earth & help 2 ease the pain. Please plant a seed w/in my baby's heart of sunshine not rain. Please help the days get easier & the nights go quickly by. Please hold my hand when I can't do anything but cry. Please increase my faith so I believe she is w/ You. Please 4give me when my sadness makes me come completely unglued. Please let my Hanna know there'll always be a place w/in my heart just 4 her. And when You call me Home -Please let me hold the baby I never got to watch grow up...but, I always loved!

I miss you so so much baby girl!!! I LOVE YOU HANNA!!!!!! Love FOREVER and ALWAYS Mommy

(birthday kisses to my beautiful angel baby XOXOXO)

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