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Monday, September 12, 2011


my big sis tracey phelan
born on the 02 -10-78
dies on the 30 -9-1997

If you knew where I am standing
If you could see the sights I see
If you could hear the angels singing
The songs they sing eternally
If you knew the One I’m holding
Could see the smile He smiles at me
If you knew where I am resting
You would not cry for me

I’m resting in the precious arms of Jesus
No other place would I rather be
So if you shed a tear,
Please don’t shed it for me
If you knew where I am resting
You would not cry for me

I know you’re confused about my leaving you so soon
But I’ll be with you again
Maybe morning, night or noon
So I’ll save a place for you
Right beside the crystal sea
If you knew where my mansion’s standing
You would not cry for me
rest in peace sis ill never stop missing you every day dat goes by i look at my kids n sit n wonder wat it would be like if der aunty tracey was ere to love them as much as i know u do lookin down from the heavens abouve xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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