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Friday, October 7, 2011

Aiden Patrick Ischo

Aiden Patrick Ischo
Born sleeping on August 3,2011
Las Vegas, Nevada

Bye bye precious baby boy
We’ll miss you all our days
You never got to breathe Earth’s air
But in our hearts you’ll stay
Your mommy and daddy love you so
And know you’re with Jesus today
But they still want to hold you tight
They wish you were able to stay
In heaven watching over us
We know you will remain
And when our day to see you comes
Our love won’t be contained
For when we see our little angel again
We’ll kiss and hug you tight
And hold you like we wish we could
Here in this world tonight
So we say goodbye to you for now
Our cherished baby boy
For even though you’re gone from here
We’ll remember you with joy

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