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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Beau & Kane Schmatloch

Beau Rodney Schmatloch
Born April 26th 2011, Passed away April 30th 2011

Kane Anthony Schmatloch
Born April 26th 2011, Passed away September 16th 2011


Little star, shining bright
Twinkling through the darkest night
Little men we held so tight
Little star, now guiding light

4 Send Your Love Here:

Dad and Kim said...

A year ago today you arrived here far too soon,
And so we held our breath and prayed that
love would see you through,
We watched and waited helplessly our lives forever changed
Our hearts will break forever more,
but we will always speak your names.
For to us you are our grandsons and we love you as as the rest,
Beau and Kane we know that you tried your hardest
- we know you tried your best.
Sending Birthday thoughts to you today little ones....
Much love from Poppy and Kim in Queensland xxxx

April 26, 2012 12.32am

Poppy and Kim said...

Another year has gone by so fast,
though time can never change
the love we have within our hearts
for our grandsons,
sweet little ones Beau and Kane - birthday thoughts to you today,
Much love from Poppy and Kim in Queensland xx

Poppy and Kim said...

Four years have flown by, just gone in a blink,
What would you look like and who are you now we often think,
One thing that time can never change,
Is the pride and the love we feel when we speak your names,
We were blessed for your being, even though your time here was too short,
We will never forget you both our dear grandsons, Kane and Beau.
Birthday thoughts of you today little ones,
Love always,
Poppy & Kim in Queensland xxx

Kim said...

Your birthday has come around again
Another year gone by
The years go faster it seems to be
And now you would be 5.
This year is different than the rest
this message is just from me...
Your Poppy is there with you this time
I'm sure that he'll be happy you two now he can see.
Love him big and give him hugs and tell him they're from me....