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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Elisha Peace

Elisha Peace
Born: June 16, 1999
Eternal Life: September 12, 1999
Whittier, California

I want to touch your little face, and comb your soft blonde hair,
I thought I heard your precious cry, I turned you were not there.
I want to hold your little hands and kiss your tiny toes,
I ask myself why you are gone, but the Lord only knows
You were mine such a little while I’ll never understand,
But Jesus knew he wanted you, your rebirth was his plan,
He took you by your tiny hand, and you are his to claim,
You touch me with your precious life, and I’ll never be the same.
I give you thanks for being with me, and showing me his grace,
And I’ll remember every time; I recall your precious face.
I love you so Elisha Peace you’ve, shown us all his ways.
His miracles of life anew, and gifts in every day.
I’ll always keep you in my heart and all you brought to me.
And keep my faith in knowing that WE WILL SHARE ETERNITY.

You’ll forever be my baby

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