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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Emily Loren Sturgill

Emily Loren Sturgill
Born into Eternal Life...May 4th, 2009

"My Tiny Little One"

Though others may forget you
In their thoughts and conversations,
Rest assured I never will, my tiny little one.

Though others never knew you,
Never felt you,
Never loved you,
I always did you know, my tiny little one.

I let you grow and as you did
so did the love in my heart. For every day I pictured you,
planned for you, and talked to you, my tiny little one.

And now I continue to do those things, if only in my mind,
for I still need you in my life, my tiny little one.

You were mine. You were a promise of the joys that were
to be. And while those days will never come, you'll remain
a joy to me, my tiny little one.

For I love you with all I had to give. A love that I will not forget.
You were my baby and you meant everything to me, my tiny little one.

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