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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nina Brinsley McLaughlin

Nina Brinsley McLaughlin
Born sleeping 13th August 2011

We miss you our little one..
We exclaim your name when we see a butterfly..
Your brothers and sister include you in their games..
We hold you in our dreams, in our hearts, and in all the days of our lives...
Watch over us sweet, pretty Nina.
Mama, Dadda, Paddy, Riley, Phoebe, and Keelan

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Anonymous said...

Darling baby girl. We miss you...

Anonymous said...

26 weeks. You are with us everywhere. Thank you for your signs.
We miss you.
We love you.
Mama xxx

Anonymous said...

Let us go back in time.
Let us bring you home,
Not leave you behind.
Let us be who we were,
Unaware of this broken heart.
Our beautiful little girl,
You would be two today...
Let us go back to bring you home.

We love you x

Anonymous said...

I love you my baby girl.
We miss you...

Anonymous said...

Three years.
We love you Nina-girl.
We miss you every day xx