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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Olivia Sky Fuentes

Olivia Sky Fuentes
Born May 7, 2012. Joined the angels May 7, 2011.
Santa Fe, Nm

My dearest beautiful daughter,
I miss you still, everyday. The ache that beats from my heart may never go away and
I am ok with that. The ache reminds me of our bond & the deep love that I have for you.
One day, I know, we will meet again and I can't wait.
Fly high with the angels baby girl, I will
see you again one day.
Love for eternity,

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Anonymous said...

this photo is beautiful, you may want to check something here as it doesnt make sense to me.. born 2012, joined angels 2011. should those year dates be the other way around? or the same year? i feel bad for picking this out as it's so beautiful.