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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kate Rose Precious Lea

Kate Rose Precious Lea
Born peacefully sleeping on July 7th 2011

Manchester, England

Our darling little girl Kate. Tomorrow is the day you should have been should have been being born and coming home. We are so sorry that this didn't happen for you and that you never got to live the life you deserved to sweetheart. You have touched so many peoples' lives, beautiful girl, especially mine, Daddy's and your big brother Jamie's. We miss you more and more each day, but we know that one day, we will see you again and give you all the cuddles that we should have been able to give you now. We loved you before we even knew you were there darling girl. We will love you forever sweetheart. Love from Mummy, Daddy and Jamie

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Anonymous said...

Oh my darling girl, thank you for creating such a beautiful sunset for your special photo. I miss you more every day but have such a smile now on my face on seeing your picture. I love you my darling, love mummy xxxxxxx

wobbly wend said...

What a beautiful picture and heartfelt words from your truely remarkable Mummy. Kate i know you will be so proud! Take care of Billy for me! xxx

Anonymous said...

To my dearest darking precious girl,

Today is your birthday. Exactly one year ago, I was holding you so tightly in my eyes, looking at how very beautiful you were. I can remember those precious moments so clearly sweetheart and yearn to have just one more second with you.

I miss you every day my darling girl. Happy birthday precious one, love from Mummy, Daddy and your big brother Jamie xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

My darling little girl....
Today, the 11th November, should have been your 1st birthday...a day filled with smiles and joy. It is a day that should have been of such significance to you and us.
And actually, it still is that - a very very important day for you and us. We remember you today darling even more than we normally do. We miss you every second of every day, and today that aching and yearning is more magnified.....
I wish you were here with us but know that you shine down on us in every moment from Heaven.
Thank you for sending us such glorious sunshine precious girl.
I love you with all my heart as does your big brother and your daddy.
All my love sweetheart, love Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday my beautiful little girl.... I cant believe it is 2 years now since the day we met.....thank you for helping me to carry on. Thank you for giving me the strength to learn how to live again. Thank you for making it a less raw this year than last year. You brother talks about you all the time my darling, asking if you are happy in Heaven and if you can play there....I wish you could have played with him here......sleep peacefully my darling girl. I love you so very much and miss you every day. Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Dearest darling little girl. It's your birthday today, three long years have passed since the day we met you and cuddled you. Thank you for watching over your brother and for bringing your baby sister safely to us. We talk about you every day my love, you are always in our thoughts and hearts. We're going to spend the day doing lovely things that make us smile, to honour you sweetheart. Missing you every second of every day darling girl, love Mummy, Jamie and Mia xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hello baby girl. The doctors said your due date was going to be the 17th but knowing how your brother's birth had gone, you'd have come out the sun roof on the 11th. Today three years ago should have been your day. Today you would be here running me ragged,going out for the day to have birthday treats. Instead Mia is jumping up and down using my tummy as a trampoline. Mischievous, grabbing anything she can. Your little sister has brought back light to our days. Her and Jamie help my heart to keep beating. But my heart never stops aching for your my darling. I never stop missing you and wishing you were here baby. I spoke of what happened last week to my friend, which I hadn't done for quite some time. I did so calmly, without tears. I guess the three years that have passed have indeed helped me manage all of this pain. Has it got easier? Of course not sweetheart. I want my first born baby daughter to be still here. I wish that the 11th of November had been a precious day in a joyous way. Instead it's a precious day for other reasons. I love you so so much darling Kate. Love from mummy, Jamie and Mia xxxxxxx