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Monday, November 28, 2011

Olivia Nancy Hill

Olivia Nancy Hill
Born December 21st 2004
Became an Angel January 19th 2006
Aspen CO USA

It feels like only yesterday I heard the news
I remember so clearly my family in the pews
The tears streaming down my face
Her little dress made of lace
The face of an angel
She was only a child
Her eyes so free and wild
In memory of her I will sit in silence
On the day she passed away
Five years ago...
It feels like only yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Carly for creating something so incredibly beautiful to remember my neice by.

I created this as an anniversary gift for my brother and his wife, I hope it feels as beautiful to them

Love Renee x

Cheryl Hill said...

‘Olivia’ Our lives were all blessed with an 'Angel' the day you were born and even though we had you for such a very short time you will always be close to our hearts
Love You Always – Nannie Hill xo

Anonymous said...

Olivia Nancy Hill, an angel too soon... Always in our hearts and memories

Love Sam

Grandma Nancy said...

Olivia, you will always be in my heart and memories. My favorite memory is of you dancing with the Santa Claus doll. Love, Grandma Nancy XXOO

Anonymous said...

Olivia, you will always be remembered by all that knew you. Nathan still talks about playing with you and making u laugh, and how you would jump on him giggling with your beautiful smile. You will remain in our hearts forever.

Love Chell, Brad, Nath & Britt

Cheryl Hill said...

Olivia, Another year has passed since you left us, Not a day goes by that I don't think of you Love Always Nannie Hill xo

Cheryl Hill said...

Happy Birthday Olivia

Always in my Thoughts

Love Nannie Hillxx00

Anonymous said...


Another Year and lots of Memories of you. Always in my heart.

Nannie Hill xxoo

Cheryl Hill said...

Its our little Angels Birthday To-day 10 years old. Wish you were here to share it with us all.
Always in my heart

Love Nannie Hill xxx

Cheryl said...

9 Years to-day since you became an Angel Precious Memories I Hold. In my thoughts always Olivia

With Much Love Always

Nannie Hill

Cheryl said...

Its your Birthday to-day Precious Olivia and you would have turned 11 years of age.

Always Remembered and Much Loved Nannie Hill xxoo

Cheryl said...

Our Precious little Angel Olivia has been gone 10 years to-day
Miss You, Love You and always in my thoughts

Love Nannie Hill xxoo

Cheryl said...

Thinking of you on your 12th Birthday to-day Olivia

Always in my thoughts With All My Love Sweet Dreams Sweetheart

Nannie Hill xxoo