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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Marcus Alan Johnson Jr.

Marcus Alan Johnson Jr.
Born July 5th 2011
Passed away July 5th 2011

Fort Worth Texas

Dear Baby Marc,

Just as we were getting ready to say hello we are now here to say goodbye.

We had opened our hearts in welcome to you and it hurts that we cannot fulfill all the welcome we had to give. While we loved you without seeing, we wanted to see too: the particular shade of blue your eyes, the color of your hair, and who you might resemble. We wanted to hear the special sound of your own laughter, to watch your personality unfold and to see how you may have changed the world. But while these things have been taken away from us, my sweet baby, I want you to know how much you are loved.

From the moment we knew you were coming- I have loved you more than anything I have ever loved in my life. I will always cherish the few precious memories I have of you, like how excited I was to tell your daddy you were coming. The feeling of your little elbows, feet and fists as they explored your home inside of me and the hours you daddy and I spent watching you move. I will never forget the look on your daddy’s face the morning I woke him and told him you were on your way or the incredible feeling of giving birth to you.

Even though you will not be physically here with us we will carry you in our hearts always. We will carry the few beautiful hours we had you in our arms and keep your spirit alive with stories for your brother and sisters.

As you daddy told me, although your time with us was brief, your short life has impacted and changed ours forever. Because of you we are better people. You will always be a reminder to never take anything for granted.

Everything good we do will be for you.

We love and miss you everyday.
Mommy & Daddy

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