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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Amelie-Anne Elizabeth Diatel

Amelie-Anne Elizabeth Diatel
Born and died 4.1.2012
Munich, Germany

For our darling baby girl who was too good for this world. We miss you every day and love you more than words can describe. We are so excited to meet you again one day to find fairys in a heavenly garden and dance under the stars together. We wonder often whether your hair is brown like mine or blonde like Daddy's... and if you had my eyes or his... but one thing we are proud of is that you would definately have been a mixture of both of us, a testament of the deep love we have for each other, and our great desire for you and the love we had when we created you, birthed you, and held you as you went back to heaven. We love you Amelie-Anne.


Butterfly Baby

Beautiful baby so loved and so longed for
Mummy’s sweet princess and Daddy’s delight
Quietly, peacefully, gently you came
In to our world on a cold frosty night

Beautiful baby so loved and so longed for
With ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes
A hint of a smile on delicate lips
All finished off with a Diatel nose

Beautiful baby so loved and so longed for
For Mummy and Daddy you lifted your head
Though of your love you couldn’t yet tell them
Your dear little movements showed them instead

Beautiful baby, so loved and so longed for
Quietly, peacefully you came on that night
Then just as a butterfly lingers but moments
You smiled and were gone again into the light

Beautiful baby, so loved and so longed for
Now with the Father and Saviour above
‘til the wonderful day when we hold you again
We’ll wait for you eagerly hearts full of love

Beautiful baby, butterfly baby
We love you xox

- written by your Oma (Grandma) and read at your funeral -

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