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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Clutch D. Low

Clutch D. Low 
Born and passed on June 6th, 2012
Utah, USA

Heavenly Father writes the lineup,
I was starting from the start.
I was given a special game plan,
It was to touch your hearts.
Sometimes innings are short and the game moves fast,
But it’s perfect up here, eternal happiness will always last.
Time goes quick; I’ll spend some of it on this field,
I will see you in no time, I know we are sealed.

I have no doubt that you are my biggest fans,
Your prayers cheer me on just like He said they would.
I am now up here playing on the field of dreams,
Running, diving, and sliding, just like my Daddy could.
I play by the rules and always help those that fall down,
I get that from my Mommy, I never see her frown.
Your plan was to teach me about how to make the tough outs,
But for now please listen closely;
it’s time to let me do the coaching from the clouds. 

xoxo, Mom & Dad

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