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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Matthew Wesley Valentonis

Matthew Wesley Valentonis 
 Born March 24th
Passed March 25th
United States

Life before seems so faded
No joy found to compare
To my little boys face, and my heart elated
Nothing to do but stare

A life so small, has touched so deep
Your time with us short lived
Now you laugh in heaven, no longer sleep
And to Jesus, hugs you love to give

Our little boy, true love we have been shown
Now that my eyes have seen your face
A better world, because of you we know
Oh how I wish you could have stayed

Blessed are we, beyond all belief
To be given you as our son
The day comes soon, your face I shall see
And to your open little arms I’ll run

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Marie said...

His daddy and I miss him so much. We will be framing this and hanging it in our living room near his urn and pictures.

Jamie said...

What beautiful words you wrote. He is blessed to have you two as parents too.