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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Eddy Maurice Smith III

Eddy Maurice Smith III
march 26th 2011- june 18th 2011

My sweet baby boy, with your heart of gold,

Your precious young body and soul so old;

Though you went when you received God’s call,

Your smile melted the hearts of all.

You will never be forgotten, my sweet baby boy,

For that twinkle in your eye brought so many joy,

You must have known you had a purpose, from the very start,

And you will live on forever, in so many hearts.

God took you home, to be his angel in gold,

And I promise - your memory will never be lost or grow cold.

Even in leaving you saved someone’s life,

My angel on earth, sent to break someone’s strife.

My sweet baby boy, as you look down from the stars above,

I know you’re watching over us all, with kindness, smiles and love.

Mommy loves you forever Eddy.

© 2011 Heather Grein

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