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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Oliver Adam Trail

Oliver Adam Trail
Born Sleeping 1st June 2011
Newcastle Australia

If tears could build a stairway
and memories a lane
I'd walk right up to heaven
and bring you home again

I'd do anything to save you
to keep you warm and safe
I'd give anything to see you with Harry
tearing up the place

If i could wish upon a star
and have that wish come true
It would be to have you here with me
your happy, healthy, you

For my babies i'd do anything
to see a happy face
i'd even go right up to God
and put me in your place

Because i am your Mummy
and you my baby boy
I'd walk through fire
jump through hoops
i'd bring you every toy

But you cannot be here with me
and there's nothing i can do
I hope you know with all your heart,
i'd do anything for you

Some people only dream of Angels
i held one in my arms
I grew you in my belly
and i kept you safe from harm

But you are meant for bigger things
least that is what God said:
""I'm sorry my dear Wendy, he must come with me instead""

i said to God,
"This isn't fair, Why can't he stay with me?"
and he replied with love and care,
""It's just not meant to be""

"I know it seems like sometimes you have had so much to bare and i think that we can both agree, You've had more than your fair share"

"But trust that there's an answer and one day you will see
but until then remember,
Your baby boy's with me"

So safe is where he'll keep you
An Angel you will make
it's just a shame your not with me,
but you were not mine to take

Remember that i love you and Harry and Daddy too.
There will not be a single day, we do not think of you.

We will never replace our baby,
For you we will always care
You'll always be our Angel
Our Precious Ollie Bear.

by Oliver's Mummy

i will love you and miss you always x

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