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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Madison Alexandra Sankey

Madison Alexandra Sankey
Born August 5th 2001
Passed away August 6th 2001

Brisbane Australia

Ten years today darling girl
Ten years today since you arrived in our world
Ten years of missing your beautiful smile
Ten years of wishing you'd stayed more than a little while.
Ten years of candles never blown out
Ten years of never hearing you laugh or shout
Ten years - so long to not hold you tight to us
Ten years of days where missing you has been rough.
Ten years of blessings bestowed on us by you
Ten years of feeling guided and a little special too
Ten years of loving you and your gift of sacrifice
Ten years of thanking you for aiding in your twin's life.
Ten years our Angel, what a big girl you would be
Ten years of knowing we are grateful you are free
Ten years Darling Maddie, how how blessed we are too
Ten years sweetheart, happy birthday to you.

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