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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oliver Geoffrey Tomlin

Oliver Geoffrey Tomlin
Born sleeping, 12th September 2011
United Kingdom

Lily Oli
Oli Lily
That’s what we called, our baby bump
Wriggling and kicking, Lou would stop
Place my hand, to feel her little lump

I could feel little one, a bottom here, a foot there
Hick ups and summersaults, wow he was there

All our hopes and dreams, with wishes and kisses
A baby boy, a baby girl, we didn’t care
Just a little healthy one, that’s all to be fair

Sadly not to be, poor little might
Didn’t get a chance, to even fight
He looks so peaceful, when I see him
I wish he was, only sleeping
So we could keep him

A little rap, by Oli GT
For all here, and those to see
Check me, my new Morrck baby hoodie
I have a baby grow, with a nappy
I could be a rap star, N Dubz
Just like Dappy

I wish I could stay, another day
But I can’t, it’s just the way
So with my last rap, I’d like to say
Please don’t cry, and be sad
You will always be, my mum and dad

If you look up to heaven, night or day
You can think, or say
Let’s not be sad, I’m close to your heart
We will never be apart

I will never be too far
I got to be famous
I am your shiny star

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