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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hailey Nicole

Hailey Nicole
January 7,2007

The rose bud, without a sense of life. A premature figure of beauty. Lost to a bitter cold January frost. A would-be mother crys herself to sleep tonight. The aspiring father drowns his pain with fire. No one will know their pain. Yet the world will cry for them tonight. The night overcast with evil crawls away. A faint light appears over the horizon. The tears of the world melt into the morning dew. The world smiles as the man and woman awake. They embrace each other in their arms. From the woman's eye rolls a tear. The man catches it with his lips. He whispers in her ear. It is ok to cry love but it is not the end. Oh no it is not the end. The sun shines through the window. The man and woman gaze through it. The golden rays warm them. In the corner a stream of light grabs their eye. They see a droplet of water. It rolls off the leaf and falls. Landing on the petal of a newly blossomed rose. The tear the world had shed. For the life of another.

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