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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Michelle Lynn Pastore

Michelle Lynn Pastore
Born February 2, 2007 Passed away July 2, 2008
Connecticut, USA

I can't believe another New Year is almost here..another new year without you here. :( I can't believe it has been over 3 years and next year will be 4 years you will have been gone. :( I can't believe in a little over a month you would have been turning 5 years old. I still think of you as the smiling baby girl who stole my heart. I wish it wasn't so hard but it is because nobody can ever fill the void in my heart and in my life that can only be filled by you being back here. Holidays aren't as happy and the turning of a new year is also a sad time because it is another year that you will never see and another birthday of yours that you can't celebrate. I miss you and love you matter how many new years come and go you will never be forgotten and will always be remembered and loved.

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