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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hope Callahan

Hope Callahan
Born January 14th, 2012
Passed away January 14th, 2012

Massachusetts, USA

A gift from Heaven was given to you,
A bundle of joy from the start.
Her precious little hands and face,
Could melt the coldest heart.

And for some unknown reason,
From Earth she'll be taken away
Then on to Heaven as an angel
She will fly to live and play!

Her gift to you was a blessing,
She was your daughter, no matter how brief.
Losing her will be the hardest thing,
Every one can feel your grief.

Take comfort the clouds above you,
Will hold her in their care.
She will peek down from the Heavens,
And watch over you from there!

Hope will be your angel,
Guarding you from above.
Holding her Mommy and Daddy,
With tenderness and love!

Take comfort that your sweet one,
Will never be far from you.
She will sit upon your shoulders,
No matter what you do.

God, when you are ready,
Please cuddle her in your arm.
Keep her safe beside you,
Comfortable and warm.

She has touched the hearts of many,
Even those she doesn't know.
It doesn't take much for this angel,
To make your feelings show!

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