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Friday, March 2, 2012

Justice Hope Sanden

Justice Hope Sandén
Entered into your heavenly Daddy's embrace on December 20th, 2010
Washington state, U.S.A.

To our precious baby, Justice Hope...

Your daddy, your brothers and I love you more than words can convey. We were THRILLED for the arrival of your beautiful soul into our family!!! And while we don't get the joy and privilege of holding you and walking through life with you on this side of heaven, we look forward with MUCH excited anticipation, hope and peace to the day we finally get to look into your eyes, touch your sweet face, and hold you in our arms - the first embrace of an eternity of embraces <3

All our love, kisses, cuddles & hugs,
Daddy, Mommy, Chase & Weston

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Amy Hulett said...

Teary eyed right now. Justice Hope, you would have been amazing little girl who I'm sure that I would have loved very much. I cannot wait until I get to meet you in heaven and see the beautiful girl you are. You have the most amazing parents and brothers in the world. You're going to love them. Your mama is an amazing "mother" to many girls, and she will be an amazing mother to you in Heaven when we all make it there. Love you, sweetie. <3

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tribute to your beautiful angel baby girl, Justice. You honor you daughter in a positive, loving way and I know you'll all be together someday. You are so brave & gracious, I just felt the love you & your family send out. Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute! Love to you & your family, Toni S.

Sharnessa said...

Amy...I just now saw this precious comment of yours for the first time. I came on here to finally order the picture they took for Justice, and here were your beautiful words. Wow, hon...I'm in tears...thank you. <3

And Toni...thank you so much for your amazing words, blessed me immensely. Thank you for stopping by to encourage me <3

Aunt Julie said...

Sweet Little Justice Hope, I'm your Auntie and I am so excited to meet you some day in Heaven!!! Though we all miss you so much, you got to go straight to the arms of Jesus!!! What a comfort that is to us!!! It's also a comfort to know that you already know your cousins, Uncle Greg's and my 3 sweet babies, that we don't even know!!! You have an amazing family, Sweetheart! Your Mommy, Daddy, brothers Chase and Weston, your grandparents and so many aunties, uncles and cousins are all looking forward to hugging and loving on you someday!!!! What a day that'll be! Until then, enjoy your sweet time in Jesus' arms! Hugs and kisses from Aunt Julie <3