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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Owen Christian Haley

Owen Christian Haley 
Born into Our Hearts on April 21, 2012
Massachusetts, USA

Sweet boy, your circle of love has spread so far. Around the world. To the moon and back. Wherever you are, we hope you feel how loved you are. We carry you in our hearts, now and forever.

- Mommy, Daddy, and Lilly

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Hope's Mama said...

How gorgeous to see Owen here, the little boy who was named after the boy who made this very beach famous around the world.
We love you Owen Christian. You are so very missed.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful. Love you always, Owen.
Xoxo, Auntie Mia

Barbara said...

Love and remember you always, dear Owen Christian. xxx

Paige said...

Sweet Owen, you've touched so many with your life. We miss you deeply and will love you forever. xo

Sonia said...

Such a sweet remembrance. Little Owen lives on in the hearts of all those who love him. xx

Auntie Susan and Uncle Bill said...

Dearest Owen, You have a piece of everyone's heart who love your mom, dad and sister - and now you little one. I think we all feel life's preciousness because of you. That's a gift you leave with us. xxxooo

cal said...

Owen - thank you for the love you've brought into the world. Your spirit stays with us.


Catherine W said...

Dear Owen Christian, so very loved and missed xo