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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Zackary Frank Bergsma

Zackary Frank Bergsma
20.7.04 - 7.10.09

My time was maybe short Mum, but I wanted you to know

I'm with our heavenly Father now where I'll laugh and play and grow

I know how much you love me and I know you cry at night

But I need you to remember that everything's alright

God never hurts his children, He just kept me from the pain

Then he left you keeping my memory so you'd know His love remains

At night when you lie in darkness and the pain overwhelms your heart

Please know I'm always with you because our souls do not depart

God keeps me safe in Heaven where one day we will all unite

But for now let God embrace you with his arms around you tight

I love you dearest Mummy, God is great and I'm alright

When you see my star in the heavens, know its our God holding me tonight.

Love you Zackary.

Love Mummy, Taylor and Jakob 

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