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Friday, November 28, 2008

Darcy, Tico and Dexter Barnett

Darcy Barnett
Born sleeping at 19 weeks
on 10th October 2006

Pretty Darcy - born sleeping, Mummy and Daddy were so devastated to lose their precious baby girl and miss her so much.

Tico Barnett
Born at 23weeks 2 days
on 13th September 2007
and went to sleep on October 14th 2007

Tico was such a Brave boy. We remember him as a little Lion. He fought so hard to stay with Mummy and Daddy and he is so missed, with every day that passes. The 31 days he spent here touched so many lives and will never be forgotten. His friend Amelia misses him!

Dexter Barnett
Born at 22weeks 5days
on 22 March 2008 at 5:22am
and went to sleep at 6am

Dexter was his big brothers gift to Mummy and Daddy. He was too keen to be with them and though he was bigger than his brother at birth he was just not strong enough. A beautiful boy who is longed for by all who miss him.

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Anonymous said...

Rest in the arms of the angels, precious babies.

love Jill (from ivillage)pu