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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Amelia Pippa Joy

Amelia Pippa Joy
Born 14/12/2007
Grew her wings 03/09/2008

Sweet Angel Amelia

She was a gift from God,
A sweet tiny angel from above.

Through all your pain,
Not once did I hear you complain.
You are so special to me,
I'm still trying to understand

why you had to leave so soon.
My precious little angel.
You taught me so much more than

any teacher can ever teach.
You taught me how to love unconditonally,
You taught me that it was okay to cry,
And to say, "I love you" just because.
The world can never fully understand
The pain I bear inside.
I miss you, and I only dream

of having you here with me.
I'll never forget you,
The years may fly by,
but your memory will always stay here right by me.
When you flew so far away that sad morning,
You took a piece of my heart with you.
That hole your departure left will never be filled again.
Oh, please watch over me precious little angel.
I need you to look out for me.
I love you and always will remember you.
Until we meet again,
I'll be thinking about you and missing you.
Good-bye sweet angel,
Good-bye sweet Amelia

Love Mummy and Daddy xxxxxxxxxx

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Carla said...

Dear Amelia

I hope that you and Eleanor are playing happily, with all the other precious Angels. Your Mummy truly loves you little one, I've seen the look in her eyes. Us Mummies know that you will be in our hearts forever, keeping us strong.

Love Carla (Ellie's Mummy)

Anonymous said...

Dear Amelia,

Thinking of you, your mummy and your daddy as you approach your first birthday. Enjoy your special day playing with all our angels and send mummy some of your strength to help her through this especially difficult time of year.

Lots of love and special floaty kisses,

Tamsin xxx

(Mummy to her own special angel, Alice and a friend of your mummy on iVillage)

Anonymous said...


It seems so hard that such beloved angels should have to leave us. Watch over your mummy and daddy sweetheart and bless them with peace.

Jill (mummy to another angel, Emma and ivillage friend of mummy)