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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Emma Faith

Emma Faith
Born Sleeping 14th October 2008

For 9 nine months
you were our little "Bobby Bingo".
Now you are forever our angel.
We miss you sweetheart
and look forward to seeing you in heaven.
Love from,
Mummy, Daddy, Ben and Lucy xxxx

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JayJay said...

Much love to you, Jill - and your whole beautiful family. This is lovely, isn't it! Did you see Josie's? XXX

Anonymous said...

Dear Emma
You are such a loved and beautiful baby. We are so sorry that you couldn't come home to grow up alongside Ben and Lucy but we will always remember you with love.
Sarah, Phil and children

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you in heaven Emma, and praying for the beautiful family you left behind.
With love
Katherine, Jo, Esther and Grace

Anonymous said...

Dear Emma,
I am so looking forward to meeting you in heaven one day. I have heard so many beautiful things about you.
Lots of love and prayers to you and all your family.
Hannah, Chris, Peter, Aidan and Cathy.

Anonymous said...

Our beautiful little niece Emma,
We had so many happy hopes and dreams of watching you grow up but you were taken away far too soon. We miss you so so much and think of you every day. We look forward to seeing you in heaven,
Lots of love and cuddles,
Aunty Sare, Uncle Richard, Sam and Holly

Anonymous said...

Emma,God knew you when you were being formed, knew the time allotted to you. We wish we could have known you but you were so very special and He took you to himself.
We love you very much and will always remeber you in our hearts.
Grandma and Grandad Chester le Street.
Let the little children come to me ..... for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.
Mark 10 v 14

Anonymous said...

To My beautiful neice,
My heart is broken thinking we will never get to experience those hugs that you big brother, sister and cousin do so well, but you will always be with us each and everyday Emma, trapped tightly in our hearts. I love you lots my seet girl.
Aunty Sonia and Oli xxxxx

Sonia said...

To my beautiful niece
My heart is broken thinking we will never get to experience the hugs that your big brother, sister and cousin do so well. But Emma you will be with us each and everyday trapped tightly in our hearts. We love you our sweet girl.
Aunty Sonia and Oli xxxx

Anonymous said...

A prayer on losing our dearly beloved granddaughter, Emma Faith:

When mystery hides Thee from the sight of faith and hope;
when pain turns even love to dust;
when life is bitter to the taste and our song of joy
dies down to silence;
then, Father, do for us that which is past our power to do for ourselves.
Beak through our darkness with Thy light.
Show us Thyself in Jesus suffering on a Tree,
rising from the grave,
reigning from a throne with all power and love for us
So shall our fear be gone
and our feet set upon a radiant path.

Celtic Daily Prayer p.174

We longed for Emma, and we ache for her.
Grandma and Grandad York

Carla said...

Dear Emma

I just hope that maybe you and my precious baby Eleanor are playing somewhere happy and safe. Us Mummies do worry about you girls, and one day we're going to meet, so behave up there, don't forget to share he he, and know that we love you so very very much!!!!!

Love Carla (Eleanor's Mummy)

xx :o) xx

Anonymous said...

Dear Emma,
We are so sorry to have never met you-you touched our hearts deeply.
With much love and prayers to you and your family,
Monica, Jan, Gemma and Lelie

samantha said...

Thinking of you baby emma

always loved

sweetdreams sweet baby

love sam x x x

Anonymous said...


We are so sorry we will never meet with you here on earth but we know we will one day rejoice with you and your family in hevaen. For now we trust you will feel always loved as God's most precious angel and we pray for his peace and love to be with your mummy and daddy and Ben and Lucy in these sad days.

With love,
Julie, David, Peter & Naomi

Anonymous said...

Dear Emma,

Play happily up in Heaven little one. Send your mummy, daddy, brother and sister some of your strength and love to help them until you meet again.

You truly were a beautiful little girl.

All my love and hugs,

Tamsin xxx

Mummy to her very own special angel, Alice and a friend to your mummy on iVillage x

Anonymous said...

To our precious little niece Emma,

We love you so much and were so glad to be able to meet you and hold you. You will always be in our thoughts and hearts, thank you for being so special to us.

We miss you so much.
All our love,
Auntie Han and Uncle Jim xxxx

tzrosemae said...

Dear Emma,

You are a beautiful girl. I hope you and Gideon are having fun out there somewhere.


Gideon's Mommy